I love to read. In my introduction I already mentioned this. I am not afraid to admit it even though some might think it is not cool. Hey I don’t care. I wasn’t aiming for cool. In the early days – and even nowadays – I start my day with a book. Whilst having breakfast. […]

Home made healthy Tzatziki

As promised in the pizza meatloaf recipe I also upload my version of tzatziki. Healthy, delicious and it also goes great with sliced tomatos, pizza baguettes and fries. Ingredients: 500 grams Yogood 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt garlic, I use one big piece of Solo garlic peper, salt cucumber Preparation: Squeeze the garlic and add it […]

Self invented pizza slice with meat loaf

Let me start by saying I love pizza. Just because I am counting calories it does not mean that I may never have pizza again. Or you! The ingredients are meant for one person.This dish is normally served with home made tzatziki (recipe will also be uploaded) and in total with the ingredients I use […]