Stay at the Hospital


As you might have noticed I have not been online much the last two weeks. This has to do with my father being hospitalised about 1,5 week ago.

What started like a virus/flu like infection from which he seemed to recover, it turned out to be an infected pancreas, liver, small intestine and kidney which caused him a lot of pain. He has been on morphine for a few days and almost died last week tuesday as his condition worsened even more. They pumped a lot of fluids through his body and tested his blood every day.

I can tell you it has been an emotional roller coaster. Since friday it seems to be going better. He now is off the morphine and fluids. He is slowly getting back to eating but it’s with baby steps. Of course he is very weak. Also he has not had a lot of sleep because of the bed he is not used too, loud people in the hospital and pain.

Although you hear a lot of negative stuff about hospitals I have to say the staff at his floor is really friendly and competent. Both nurses and doctors are friendly and always willing to help and answer our questions. Also the food is not as bad as they claim. Well, for those who are allowed normal food. I guess if you need to stick to a salt less diet it is a different story :).

Hopefully he will be home within a few days and things slowly turn normal. For me at the moment my life is getting up early and working parttime. Driving home and have lunch. Go for groceries in fast forward mode or cleaning a little (oh god I will not invite anyone over unless my house has been cleaned again as it should be). Then picking up mom and driving to the hospital and stay there for a few hours. Drive home, have dinner and go to the gym because I really need to turn off or just sit on the couch really really tired. But hey, I want to believe that things will get better again.

I will do my best to post/write more in the next few days. Please bare with me.


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