Weight loss.. A never ending story?

Weight loss… pfff…..

When I was young I looked normal. Had a normal body but still stood out against some children who looked skinnier then me. As you all know people can be very cruel and some called me fat which always somehow haunted me. I had this complete wrong self image and never felt really at ease.

Growing up in retrospective I can say there was even a period where I looked too skinny in my opinion. Allthough that feels like 100 years ago :).

When I met my ex-husband at first things were good but the pounds started piling on.. and on… He for example could eat like crazy and then go on this disgusting tomato-ish soup diet and he would also loose the weight. For him it worked.. Not so much for me..

You always have to have that one person who takes a little more time to get things done.

Of course I tried almost every diet. Pills, shakes, water with lemon juice instead of food, Weight Watchers.. Been there..done that.. Some of those worked for a while but when going back to “normal” food or even unhealthy foods of course the weight came back. Sometimes double the amount I lost. Allready sounds familiar :)?

In the end of 2012 I came across an organisation in the Netherlands who offered a complete package. People showing you what to eat and also investigating why you eat like you do. Finding the root cause. Also you got introduced to several kinds of sports to make you familiar with them and make you choose one (or more). to keep doing. A doctor to check on your health and regular weighing sessions.

It worked wonders for me! In one year I almost lost 32 kilograms. I never thought it was possible. However their method of approach changed and that meant for me I had to participate in group sessions. Which is just not my thing. In any area… Especially when asking a simple question like ‘how are you?’ will end in a 30 minute rant about how hard life is on you and how you felt you deserved this piece of chocolat, or the chips or whatever. I once replied that it was a great part of the problem why we looked the way we did.. Because we ‘deserved it”, ‘needed it for comfort’. Needless to say those quotes do not make me a popular person ;).

I will always be thankful for those people who supported me through thick and almost thin (good word choice huh? ).

Quitting the program caused me to gain weight. Of course. Since I had no written target (I am a lists-person, I need lists) I just started to experiment. Tried to do clean eating but gained weight. Also tried to see if I could – within the limits set in the program – could eat certain foods again. My dears.. the answer is no. I gained a little over 14 kilograms which caused me to slightly panick cause under no circumstances did I want to go back to where I came from!!

In the early days I thought I was a quitter because when things did not work out I gave up. However nowadays I am thankful that somehow I also always picked myself up again and went for it again. Time after time. As long as you do not quit permanently you will reach your goal. In a lot of areas at least. I am sure of it.

For me foodwise it meant starting again. This time I downloaded a free App (my fitnesspal) and I am counting calories. The lists-person in me is having a blast. It is written how many calories I should take a day. I can enter complete meals. I can add my sports sessions (more in other blogs) and yes for now I am doing great! I can choose my meals and see how it effects the rest of the day. If I want to have fries I will get some fries. Made in my dearly beloved Airfryer of course ;). Meat. Well yes! Allthough I now – to save some calories for desert or something – I use these bags for the oven. Tastes great. For my chocolate craving I have low fat pudding. And the best thing? Since I started on april 29th with the combination of sports and counting calories I have already lost almost 14 kilograms!! Just 600 grams and I am back on my lowest weight when I quit the other program. Which was one of my main goals for now. On the long term I still need to do some serious work but I will do my best to get there..

Oh yes and getting compliments from people also helps :p. It is nice if someone acknowledges your ‘hard work’. Where I used to be really bad at accepting compliments I now secretly enjoy them.


ps: yes this was one of my more serious blogs. Sometimes that will happen… Anyways I am sure most of you people will see the positive side of it anyway…

Yours truly 😉



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