Cooking by Candlelight

Although this sounds very romantic I can tell you in those times it shows how dependent we are on our sources….

Last monday I decided to cook noodles for me and my mother. My father was not feeling well and since my mother decided not to cook at all then, I offered to make dinner. It was also the first time I said up front I was going to prepare it at their place. Normally I do this at home and walk down the two stories which separate our appartments (we live in the same appartment complex).

So I took my groceries and went to their flat. Of course something had to go wrong. I should have sticked to my normal routine :)..

In this case a power outage that affected the complete aerea…. Lights out everywhere. Fridge and freezer not working. One scared looking neighbour girl knocking at the door and one agitated concierge that had been told to check the internet by the power company. Which he obviously couldn’t because we had no wi fi. Naturally I told him I could use the internet which made him look at me like I discovered something really great. Until I told him I used 4G on my phone to connect. Issue solved lol. Told him as well to hold his breath since several websites had not been updated anyways..

We waited for a while but got really hungry. Could not prepare the dinner at my parent’s house since they do not use gas so yeah, took my groceries and went upstairs again :). Looked for candles and cooked at home. Oh I was very happy I choose noodles that day. Vegetables already sliced, chicken breasts already sliced before I went to my parents so it was just a matter of throwing it in the wok and go.

And of course, just as I finished cooking and was ready to go again the power came back… Just like Murphy’s law. It had to happen. Did not trust the elevator yet so used the stairs and had a great dinner..