Potato – Egg Salad, the Belgian

Potato salad “the Belgian way”

Salad! Yay another one! I love salads. This one we learned from an old Belgian neighbor of my parents years ago. She came from Belgium and said they made it often like that in her country. By the way this recipe is no exact science… I just filled in what I use (mostly, approximately) and of course you can adjust it as you please. Enjoy!


  • 250 grams potatoes, boiled
  • 2/3 normal sized eggs, hardboiled
  • Mayonnaise (I use light mayonnaise)
  • 1 small onion
  • 3 / 4 pickles
  • Salt, pepper:

After the eggs and the potatoes have cooled down mash them and slice onion in very small pieces. The pickles should also be sliced into small pieces and add the mayonnaise. How much mayonnaise you use is something you should determine. It should be “mushy”. I usually use about 3 or 4 tbs. Salt and pepper should be added as much as you like.


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