Hey people!

These past few days I have received a lot of requests and I am trying to implement them all but since I am not the pro on this I need to figure it out myself and that might take some time.

I have just opened a paypal account (as requested by some of my readers/followers) so if it is not working yet please be patient.

Also if you want to mail me for now you can use: . This might change in the future but for now it has to do :) . Of course I will answer everyone who is so kind to write to me with whatever they have to say lol.

Also opened a Facebook page Kim´s Place. Should be able to find me there as well. If you are having issues with the page please let me know.

I do have a RSS feed: . This does work with e.g. AOL reader which I tested. However the stupid button in the left still does not work as it should be. So now I am hoping people are clever enough to check this page 😉

Please believe me when I say I am really doing my best and thank you for your support.



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