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As promised I will write a short blog about sports.. More actually what I have done through the years and what I am up to nowadays :)

In my other blog ‘weight loss.. a never ending story?’ I already mentioned that getting fit or getting ‘there’ means a combination of exercise and good, responsible food. It is not one or the other. You will not achieve a lot of success just doing one of those two. I used to do several kinds of sports through the years but it took me a while to find the right balance.

Swimming, judo, aqua aerobics, boxing, fitness. I tried them all. I still swim sometimes cause I love being in the water. Aqua aerobics I also liked but one hour a week does not do the trick. Boxing I liked as well but when I moved it was not practical to drive there. Also it was just once a week and I started working at a callcenter which unfortunately means working in shifts..

Whilst being a member of the institute that helped me loose a lot of weight I participated in fitness as well. I only liked it when I had someone to talk to during the fitness session.. Of course I did my exercises but doing it together was much more fun..

Since approximately one year I am taking classes..Yes! I never thought I would like some form of group activities but here you go. They exist! Zumba for me is a great way of getting rid of energy in a healthy way. You will never hear me say I am good at it but I sincerely enjoy it. Also I have been doing Les Mills Grit for a while but this is stil a little too heavy for me :(. I am not good at jumping or certain other moves and still am a plus size woman. Talking to one of my trainers he told me I should try Les Mills BodyPump classes. Not too fast and still a very serious workout. I can only confirm this. I have been doing this for a month now and still every ****ing time it hurts. I cannot say that my muscles ignore me. They shout at me! Tell me they hate me! But it won’t stop me. I have a goal and it includes sports :). Maybe in time I will also try Bodycombat cause it looks cool but I first have to work some more on my weight and my balance. Otherwise I look one of the three stooges.. and that is not so cool ;)..

For now let me end this one by telling you that you can also meet great people at the gym. I went to the studio alone and since then I got to know some very cool, nice people. Some to just talk to.. some to gossip with.. some to laugh with.. Would not want to miss it in the world.


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