Holiday in Ireland..

This year I, together with a group of other people, went to Adrigole (between Glengarriff and Castletownbere) in Ireland. Never have been there before and decided that Ireland is a must see based on stories, documentaries etc..

(I have to admit the preparation was already a story on its own. Five adults roaming about as much shops to get food, beverages etc for a two week journey is almost a must see on its own. Imagine us spreaded all through the shop shouting at eachother whether or not this or that should be taken with us. It almost looked like an invasion:) …..)

We rented a house via Eurorelais which was beautiful and exactly as shown on the website. Here in the Netherlands we rented a Ford Transit (great car, wish I had one for myself lol), and online we made a reservation for the boat trip with Stena Lines from Cherbourg to Rosslare. In June we were finally ready to go. Yay!

The trip went very well overall. Of course after being on the road for two days and a night on board we were happy to arrive at our house. The house was tidy, spacious and indeed big enough for our group (on the internet it said it was suitable for 8 people).


We had an awesome view which I still miss now.. Of course the view in my appartment is great as well but this was special.



The first night we went to the sole remaining pub in Adrigole, Murphy’s. Of course you at first try to find something nearby on your first evening. Well not much to do here. If you want to go to a pub you need to go to Glengarriff or Castletownbere. The places are bigger than Adrigole which is basically a stretch of land with houses. I believe we visited Castletownbere like 5 times. At least we went to the restaurant Murphy’s 5 times (blush). I have to be honoust.. the food is great there, the staff is friendly and if you find something this good you go back.. again..and again :). Also they have a supermarket called Supervalue. Again friendly staff, good products and not too expensive.

To be honoust.. most people we met were nice and friendly. Our home owner who even got us a starter pack with food and drinks when we arrived and stopped by two times. People on the road are much more patient than people over here in the Netherlands. The only unfriendly traffic participant we met was a dutch motor driver who made gestures that we needed to pass by a stranded bus faster in a corner with overhanging cliffs. This my dear motor driver, is an absolute no – no and almost makes me ashamed that I am Dutch too… Idiot.

In shops people were curious where we came from. Helped us with whatever it was we wanted or needed right then. No, there are no unfriendly things to say about them. Well one thing maybe for the uberfriendly guy in the bar in Castletownbere who showed me what he could do with his pierced tongue… I politely declined the “offer”.

We visited places like Eyeries, Bantry (nice market btw), Lauragh, Glengarriff. I am sure I forgot a lot of other places. Being on the road and seeing the names of places we drove by made us wonder if either we ended somewhere in the Outback or in a story of the Hobbit…

We were also very fortunate with the weather. Almost no rain. A lot of sunshine and sitting outside until late in the evening. Loved it!



The time to go back to the Netherlands came too quick.. way too quick.

In regard to our other visits: I will make some separate blogs for e.g. “The Ewe Experience” or “Muckross House”. Simply because a few sentences are not enough to describe them.




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