I love to read. In my introduction I already mentioned this. I am not afraid to admit it even though some might think it is not cool. Hey I don’t care. I wasn’t aiming for cool.

In the early days – and even nowadays – I start my day with a book. Whilst having breakfast. It is easy, quiet (which does not happen too much during my work at a callcenter), relaxing.

Of course I only read normal books. No ebooks. To me it still should be the real deal. Not having a tablet and read but have the actual book with its wear and tear. Its smell. Just as it makes me happy to buy a book and be the first one to open it, I also enjoy it when a book has its old look. Am I picky? No not so much. I can read Stephen King, Chicklit books, Novels and detectives. It depends on my mood, my preferred method of escape for that moment..

So when I decided to write a piece about books I also thought it would be nice to include a Top 5 of my favorite books. Well that did not work.. Too many books to choose from :(. So lets make it easier then… Pick a top 5 of writers.. Yeah well that did not really narrow it down lol. Oh the agony, or should I say the choices? As always – when being presented with too many options – I write something down. Read it. Re-read it. Maybe sleep a night over it. Read for the 4th or 5th time and then publish it or do it. Yes! Finally! A decision has been made. An idea has been born or something like that, whatever o_O. Why is it so difficult sometimes? Well never mind… I tried anyways to set up a list. Maybe you know the books or maybe you have a good suggestion. Just let me know and – as always – enjoy if I might just have given you an idea by publishing this list.


  1. Stephen King – the older books like Cujo, Christine, the Shining: I still prefer the “old stuff” the most
  2. Stieg Larsson – The Millennium Trilogy: Of course, who doesn’t love them or like me looks up to a type like Lisbeth Salander?
  3. Anne Rice – The Mayfair Witches Trilogy: as I said before, I like different genres.
  4. Jill Mansell – all her books I have read until now: Easy, nice, escaping my own everyday hassle, gosh I just love them. And not only hers but most chicklits. But hers the most :).
  5. Catherine Cookson – her complete work: I love how she describes the life of back then. And as I said. Novels are also on my list :p.


Nieuwste van het nieuwste!

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