Let me start off with a short introduction. My name is Kim, female, 40 years old and single. For now this is enough.  Why? Well like most people I decided to start my website and of course I still need subjects to talk about, right? Right!

As you can see I started this page with a quote from Stephen King. One of the best writers in my opinion. I already read a lot of his books growing up and recently stumbled upon this quote which to me was very appropriate for this site (like a circle coming round).  And like many of you I am so good at postponing things.. Like this site.  For a lot of reasons. My computer is crappy and about to die so typing or even opening a program is a challenge. Just because I am a master at delaying and postponing. Maybe one day I will run out of subjects to write about. Because I don’t know if people will read it and like it. But to be honest. You don’t know if you don’t try.

That much said I hope you like my page. The subjects will be diverse from a “simple” blog about everything and anything that either interests me, annoys me or whatever emotion it brings to me and might of course change as they are just my first baby steps on the big web.


Before I begin let me please tell you that comments and tips are of course welcome. Just be polite or otherwise your comment will be removed and you will be banned from my site.

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